Membership Fees for Winter 2019 - Summer 2020

Adult membership applies to 18 years and over, junior under 18 years. Disabled applies to all ages with a registered disability.

Membership is annual and due on or before 1st October each year. Full Adult membership is pro-rated quarterly when joining during a membership year.

The membership fees are as follows:

Full Adult£86
Full Junior£46
Full Adult (Disabled)£46
Full Junior (Disabled)£46
Associate Adult£46
Associate Junior£46
Associate Adult (Disabled)£46
Associate Junior (Disabled)£46
Family Memberships - Full Memberships
2 Adults plus 1 Junior£203
2 Adults plus 2 Juniors£224
1 Adult plus 1 Junior£132
1 Adult plus 2 Juniors£153
For each additional Junior in the same family group+£21

Please note; a percentage of all fees go to AGB the governing body of archery, for insurance etc. A small part also goes to affiliation to Derbyshire County Archery Association and East Midlands Archery Society.